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  • Our Lion's Mane

    Lion's Mane

    a meat substitute

  • Our Blue Oyster

    Blue Oyster

    hints of nutiness

  • Our Yellow Oyster

    Yellow Oyster

    delicate and buttery

  • King Oyster

    meaty and dense

  • Our Pearl King Oyster

    Pearl Oyster

    rich and umami

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We value intentional products and processes.

High-quality comes naturally when we create from a place of belief and vision.

  • Our Mushrooms

    We nurture our mushrooms from spore to store. This gives us total control over their quality and what they're grown on.

    Why and how we grow our mushrooms 
  • Our Materials

    We grow our mushrooms on a variety of organic waste products, including brewer's grain from the local breweries in Traverse City, MI.

  • Our Products

    Because we grow our own mushrooms and make our own cultivation media, we know exactly what goes into all of our products.

    How our tinctures are made 
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